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Want Bigger Better Biceps? Incorporate These 6 Curling Moves For Bursting Size

Want Bigger Better Biceps? Incorporate These 6 Curling Moves For Bursting Size

One of the most common biceps exercise is the bicep curl. We all know how boring this exercise can be. So we’ve reached out to give you the many variations of the bicep curl. Now that there’s no excuse for any biceps-training regimen to be limited to the same old barbell and dumbbell variations.

There are countless ways to workout your biceps, but if you stick to the same old exercises two things are bound to happen: Your results will plateau due to lack of imagination, and you’ll be bored out of your mind.

Your pipes should never be set on autopilot, and your biceps exercise should never be boring. It’s time to make your biceps workouts fun and productive again, starting with these six versions of the classic bicep curl.

Behind The Back Cable Curl:

Sets x Reps: 3 x 12–15.


Because the arm is behind the body, this curl variation stretches the long head of the biceps [the head most responsible for giving the biceps its ‘peak’]. A bigger stretch means a stronger contraction.

Behind The Back Cable Curl


  • Attach two handles to the lowest pulley setting on a cable column.
  • Facing away from the weight stack, grab the handles and step away from the stack a few feet.
  • Start with your arms fully extended and back behind you.
  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the handles forward and up.


Dumbbell Drag Curl:

Sets x Reps: 2–3 x 12 reps.


The angle of the arms, which would be difficult to maintain without the use of an incline bench, forces the short head of the biceps to work super hard. Development of the short head gives tremendous width to the biceps.

Dumbbell Drag Curl


  • Lie facedown on an incline bench set to 45 degrees, holding a pair of dumbbells.
  • Start with your arms hanging straight down toward the floor, palms facing forward (supinated).
  • Keeping your upper arms perpendicular with the floor, curl the dumbbells up and squeeze the contraction in your biceps at the top.
  • Slowly lower back down to full elbow extension.
  • This exercise can also be performed one arm at a time, alternating sides every other rep.

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