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No Gym? No Problem—You Can Do These 30 Exercises at Home While Social Distancing

Gyms and studios across the country are closed, but that’s not an excuse for not working out! Exercise enthusiasts will do anything to get their workout in and that includes finding ways to get their fitness on at home.

Did you know that many of your favorite exercises can be done in your living room? With most of them not requiring equipment, just your own bodyweight! You can do squats, deadlifts, pushups, crunches, planks, donkey kicks, burpees, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 exercises to keep you in shape during the pandemic. Keep your body moving and your heartrate racing with these at home exercise. All you need is a yoga mat, free-weights, an ab wheel, a jump rope, and a positive attitude!

Which of these exercises is already part of your home workout routine?

1- Yoga


Now’s the right time to give yoga a shot and there are tons of YouTube videos and classes that you can stream on Zoom or Instagram.

If you’re looking for something to keep you grounded, yoga will help you take the deep breaths you need while you get in some stretching. The world around us is overwhelming, but try focusing your energy inward and tuning into your thoughts and emotions.

Take a break from sitting at your computer with some cat/cow poses or a seated pigeon pose.

2- Planks


Have you heard of the plank challenge?

It’s a 30-day program to strengthen your core and build up endurance. As each day passes by, you increase the amount of time you can hold a plank. By day 30, the goal is to be able to hold a plank for five minutes! Do you think you can rise to the challenge?

Planks never get boring as there are tons of variations. For basic planks, also known as forearm planks, place your shoulders directly over your elbows and tuck your toes, lifting your knees off the mat.

Once you master the basic plank, push yourself harder with straight arm and side planks!

3- One-Arm Triceps Extensions

One-Arm Triceps Extensions

Suns out guns out! Your arms will be toned, looking bigger and better than ever, for summer with tricep extensions.

With one arm, grab a dumbbell or free weight and hold it directly behind your head and bend your elbow, pointing it towards the ceiling. Make sure you extend through your elbow until your arm is straight and the weight is above you. Lower your arm back to starting position and repeat.

Tired yet? Now complete the exercise on the other side. You’ll thank us later!

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