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Best chest Workout: 5 Exercises To Get a Symmetrical Big Chest

EXERCISE 1: Incline Dumbbell Press workout (Emphasises upper chest):

4 Sets. 6 to 12 Reps.
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 Through the added shoulder flexion of this movement, the incline dumbbell press more emphasizes on the clavicular head of the pecs. 

However, there are other several muscles working like Anterior deltoid, Triceps long head, Triceps medial head, and anterior serratus muscle.

 The main reason to start a chest workout with this exercise is to give more priority to the upper chest, which is usually neglected by the foremost people.

There are some great points about this exercise that you simply might know or not is that it allows greater ROM(Range of motion) for pecs which implies more hypertrophy.

This thing is supported by much research, Second most important thing is it’s very effective at activating the upper chest. So, the conclusion is that the incline dumbbell press is the best and most effective chest exercise for the upper chest.

The optimal bench angle is somewhere between 30 to 56 degrees. If you would like to find out which angle is best then try both angles alternatively to hit your upper chest most effectively.

 Lastly but very important for the people with muscle imbalance is that it prevents any muscle imbalance if you don’t have already. Many of you don’t know which angle is best for incline bench press but it totally depends on your body anatomy.

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