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Best Back Workout: 5 Exercices To Get a V-Taper Shape

You can’t have a very impressive physique without developing a powerful back.

And the most prominent characteristic of a greatly developed back is that the manly V-taper shape.

So, If there’s anything you should focus on to make your physique stand out, it’s building a thick, wide, 3D back.

Although the V-taper also requires you to reduce the waist to make it smaller and build cannonball delts. which will add broadness to your shoulder complex, the journey to an ideally shaped back begins with developing a pair of majestic, wing-shaped lats.

In this article you find my best back workout and the way to make your V-taper in top form

#1. Straight-Arm Pulldown:

4 Sets of 15-12-10-8

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The lats are best trained with shoulder extension movements that don’t allow the biceps to urge involved and steal the spotlight, and movements that enable a continuing tension throughout the range of motion.

And the move which meets both of those criteria is that the straight-arm pull-down.

This greatly under-appreciated exercise is terrific at isolating the upper lats and also the teres major muscle, which is crucial for achieving maximum back width.

So it really must be the go-to move for anyone looking to reinforce his V-taper

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