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9 Worst Exercises for people over 40

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We’re not saying avoid exercise altogether, in fact, you must absolutely exercise as you become older. It is just important to honor your body and understand that it’s not exactly the same as it was 20 years ago.

Even if you’ve been active and a frequent exerciser most of your adult life, your workout should reflect your age similarly as your experience. If you’re in your 40s, you should not be doing the exact same patterns you failed in your 20s.

Nagging injuries can keep you from executing proper set, and the body is prone to problems associated with age. Here is a look at The 9 Worst workouts for People Over 40.

9. Staying up late

Yes, sleep isn’t technically an exercise, but it’s absolutely crucial to your fitness routine. Sleep is when the body recovers from the strain of the day, including exercise. If you don’t get enough sleep , your cortisol levels will rise and you’ll start packing on belly fat. Your body also works while sleep to rebuild and strengthen muscles.

Instead: Different people need different amounts of sleep to be fully rested. It’s best to let your body decide when it’s time by powering off electronic devices after dinner.

If you head to bed with a screen, the flashing lights may keep your brain wired when it really needs to be chilling out.

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