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9 Home Workouts That Will Tone And Shape Your Body

Today we’re going to get fit with some super simple exercises you can do at home, Don’t worry if you don’t have a bunch of fancy equipment, for today’s work out, you only need your body!

Are you ready to sweat?

Those are the best home exercises recommended by professionals which you can start working out with if you don’t have a gym membership or access to any gym equipment. You can use the power of your own body! Working out is an excellent way to make your body and mind feel great!

All of the 9 most effective exercises you’re going to discover today are bodyweight exercises, which means you’ll only be working with your body weight.

#9. Squats

Now we’re going to work out the glutes with the squat. It’s essential to only squat as far as is comfortable in the beginning, and then, later on, you can work towards a deeper squat.

Start by standing upright with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.

Tighten your core, keep your chest lifted and look straight ahead (not down) and bend your knees as if you’re about to sit down. It’s essential to keep the knees in line with your body and don’t let them bow out to the sides.

Dropdown until your thighs are parallel to the floor while bringing your arms towards your chest to help you balance. Pause for a quick second or two, stand up, and start the process all over again. 20 times or reps is considered one “set,” so if you’re starting, begin with 3 sets.

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