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6 Best Exercises For Women Over 40 (Better Than Running)

Some people say that when you hit 40, your body starts to change much more rapidly than before.

Obviously, every one differs but certainly, your collagen stores deplete faster and you lose muscular tonus , your metabolism also starts to slow down.

Then there are hormones to think about , your estrogen levels start to drop and that’s yet one more reason why your skin won’t feel as firm and supple as it was in your 20’s and 30’s.

Your level of fitness also will drop, especially if you’ve never done any exercise before!

All that energy you found you had in your 20’s and 30’s will gradually lessen and you may start to feel lethargy and tiredness more often than you used to be.

Those late nights you wont to have in your 20’s and 30’s soon take their toll in your 40’s!

It certainly sounds gloomy but it doesn’t need to be.

Taking care of your body is very important, at any age, but to boost life expectancy, energy levels which youthful feeling you actually should get used to exercising.

There are many differing types of exercises that work well for ladies over the age of 40.

Although any exercise is nice for you – some will deliver better and faster results than others!


Yoga is an excellent exercise to do!!!

It’s different from getting to the gym and performing a 40-minute workout because it’s slow and it also involves deep breathing so if you’ve got a very busy and stressful lifestyle, it’s a superb option for you.

Yoga can change your body shape!.

Working from the core, it’s about balance and stretching your muscles so you gain strength and tone .

As well as working out your whole body, it teaches you ways to change off your mind so you focus on making the foremost of every individual movement.

The best way to reap the advantage of yoga is to practice at least one session per week and mix it with some sort of cardio exercise for 20 minutes twice per week (swimming, cycling, power walking or similar).

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