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11 Superfoods That Lower Cholesterol

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The first thing that we advise you to do is to do some of LDL cholesterol test and refer to your doctor in order to make sure of your high bad cholesterol. Just as there are foods that cause a high level of bad cholesterol in the blood, there are other foods that work to reduce it, this is the topic of the day where we will show you a series of foods if you enter them into your diet with a little exercise or exercise, so I will guarantee you an ideal body and free of bad cholesterol.

11- Oats:

It is known that oats are rich in soluble fibers, and this is exactly what your body needs if you suffer from high bad cholesterol. Studies done by MedicalNews have proven that eating five to ten grams of oats per day helps you get rid of the problem of cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels, which in turn, removes them completely and clean the arteries and protect them. It’s a good high cholesterol treatment. All you have to do is eat oatmeal in the morning breakfast with some of low cholesterol butter, and it is best to add a banana or strawberry to it to enhance the fiber action more. If you suffer from high or low bad cholesterol you need to have a cholesterol test kit or actually a cholesterol home test kit in order to know your level of chelesterol and take some cholesterol supplements or not.

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